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If you’re a solar Chef you might have experienced with the seasoned solar Cooker but when it comes to The All Season Solar Cooker, it’s completely different and unique. The All-Season solar cooker (ASSC) is Featuring a lightweight and portable design and it will work perfectly in all seasons. the ASSC is designed to fit turkey roaster or any other pan perfectly and it is powerful enough to roast that turkey just like an indoor oven. to get the maximum power all you need to do is positioning the ASSC. watch this youtube guide to set up your ASSCAbout the Solavore go Solavore go is simply an outstanding cooker you can ever buy it is currently available to in amazon to buy . using the Solavore you can simply cook anything you wan’t instantly just like your gas cooker in your home without spending your entire day on stove or stoking the fire if the sun is good simply Solavore go will provides you the maximum power you want to cook meals  from the scratch the Solavore combines two solar thermal technologies convection  & the reflection technology to simply provide a portable light weight cooker for you to bring where ever you want the Solavore go cooker has the capacity & power to cook the food for more than two people just in  two hours and the this timing may be different based on the weather conditions and all and using the solar cooker is really and environmental friendly thing that every capers could follow.

How effectively the Solavore  go changes the Hiking Society’s a hiker everyone has the responsibility to protect the surrounding environment, natural areas, threes and other animals the Solavore  go is the perfect solution or method to cook & hike without affecting any aspect of the nature Solavore  go will just cook your meal beautifully with the natural sunlight

Solavore Go
Solavore Go

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