Dancing Cactus 

The Emoin Electronic Lighting and Recording Mimicking toy. It allows kids to record and mimic voices and songs and also includes a built-in light that can be used to add more colours to the toy. This toy is available on Amazon.com.

Emoin Dancing Cactus Toy, designed to provide your little one with an interactive learning experience and endless fun. With its variety of colourful lights, intuitive sound effects and 12 phrases that it can record and repeat, your child will be able to explore a world of imagination and language. The volume control allows you to use the toy in both quiet home environments and loud settings, making it perfect for playtime anytime, anywhere. Constructed from durable materials and easy for your child to use, the Emoin Electronic Light and Sound Toy is a great choice to help your little one learn, discover and grow.

Dancing Cactus 
Dancing Cactus 

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