Yard Dice

The Yard Dice is a set of six oversized wooden dice that are perfect for outdoor games and activities. The set includes six dice, each measuring 3 inches across and made from durable, natural wood. The dice feature large, easy-to-read numbers, making them perfect for people of all ages to play with.

These dice are great for a variety of outdoor games such as yard yahtzee, giant tumbling blocks, and many more. They can be used for family game night, parties, picnics, camping trips, and more. They are easy to roll and can be played on any flat surface such as lawn, patio, or driveway.

In addition to being a fun and entertaining game, the Yard Dice also make for a great conversation starter and can be used as an ice breaker for parties, events, and gatherings. They’re also great as a gift for game lovers, families, and friends who love to spend time outdoors.

The Yard Dice set is also lightweight and easy to take on the go, making it perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Overall, the Yard Dice are a great addition to any game collection and are sure to provide hours of fun for everyone.

Yard Dice
Yard Dice

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